About F+F

Flint+Feather Goods all started from a place of self redemption.  I wanted to feel and find purpose as an individual and as a part of something bigger than myself.  You know one of those easy, soul searching tasks, right?

On the road to re-discovering myself, I remembered how much I liked to be creative and work with my hands which rejuvenated my passion for helping others.  I wanted to create an environment for myself that would allow me to practice both passions.  I wanted to be intentional in my pursuit of personal growth while making a difference to those around me.  Thus, I came up with the concept of Flint+Feather Goods, a mercantile full of handmade gifts and goods with a heartfelt purpose.  Check out how Flint + Feather Goods gives back to the local community by clicking on this link: F+F Gives Back.  Or keep posted on our current happenings by following the F+F Blog.

Thank you for my friends and family that have supported me throughout my life and this personal endeavor as well.  Without your encouragement, I might not have taken the leap to chase after these passions and for that I am forever grateful.

Finally, to YOU the inquiring reader, lover of handmade goods, philanthropic soul, local product enthusiast, or whomever you may be reading this,  thank you.  I appreciate you taking the time to check out what Flint + Feather Goods is all about!